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FARFALLI supplies a warranty on all products showing Farfalli trademark. Farfalli corkscrews and other cork products are supplied free from material’s and production defects. Should a corkscrew or an accessory not work properly, it can be sent to FARFALLI for examination and evaluation of the problems.

FARFALLI corkscrews are designed and built with the aim of uncorking bottles with cork or synthetic stopper, opening crown caps, cutting protection seals. Any other different use voids the corkscrews warranty.

The presence of defects in materials or in the production will be covered by a warranty; the product will be repaired or replaced with the same model or one of comparable value. If the problem signalized is not a due to a production or material defect, we will issue a quotation for the reparation or the substitution.

The product’s return is on customer’s account, that can use FARFALLI suggested transport charges. In any case, FARFALLI can organize the dispatch. Reparations or substitution terms of delivery depend from the item and the gravity of the problem, normally within 2/3 weeks from article’s receipt.

Activating the warranty of the original FARFALLI product, you obtain the covering from production and material’s defects for 2 years from the purchase.

How to activate the reparation service

  1. Contact our customer’s service at supplying a detailed description of the problem occurred, enclosing some pictures.
  2. We will send you a reply within 3 working days: if the problem is easily identifiable, we will provide a quote for this repair or replacement service; that in case of warranty will be limited to the costs of shipment.
  3. If on the contrary the problem is not identifiable , we will have to await to vision it.
  4. The repaired/replaced item will be shipped from FARFALLI charging the transport costs, should the customer accepts the service offered.