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Farfalli presents the latest addition among the most innovative corkscrew models: VAJA.
With the corkscrew VAJA Farfalli introduces a new patented uncorking system.

The important innovation lies in the mobility of the spiral, no longer fixed on a single pin but connected to the handle with two pins. The mechanism allows you to uncork a bottle in a single movement automatically divided into two parts by the movement of the spiral guided by the two pins.
During the first phase, the extraction facilitates the first movement of the cork, with little effort, to then lengthen the stroke in the second phase to complete the uncorking. This important feature allows a perfectly vertical extraction of the cap.

The VAJA corkscrew was born from an important collaboration with Mr. Claudio Burato and the Italian Sommelier Association of Veneto.
Vaja became the official corkscrew of the 53rd AIS 2019 National Congress. This new model was presented in this important event, and began its history with an important solidarity initiative.
The corkscrew takes its name from the storm that damaged the forests of the Veneto Dolomites in autumn 2018 ( Vaja storm), the proceeds from the sale of the innovative corkscrew to the AIS Veneto Congress served to support recovery works in the affected mountain areas. Click here for more information regarding this initiative.
Functionality: Dual-axis spiral (Farfalli patent)
Structure: Stainless steel, handle in precious wood species
Spiral: Hardened steel AISI 420
Blade: Hardened steel AISI 420
Levers: Stainless Steel satin finished or mirror polished
Customization: Laser Engraving